I am told to post more details about me. I ask why? The answer is more context.

How much context do you need? The idea’s you read here should stand on their own or be rejected by you depending on your context.

How do these ideas get more or less value based on who I am? Why would your perception of my race matter? Or where my parents or I was born? Or how much money I have or don’t have?

I’ve identified as Ethnically Canadian, should that not be good enough?

I am asked what is “Ethnically Canadian”. I’ve even been told by more than one “Canadian” there is no such thing as Canadian culture, or a Canadian peoples other than the Aboriginals. That is particularly insulting when the person making the assertion is new to Canada or has little family history in Canada.

After some discussion I’ve learned that many people saying there is no Canadian culture believe there are human races and a persons race should be used to determine many things including their role in society and government. For them the term Ethnic is just a polite way to say race.

Ethnic Canadians are a group not bound by “race”.

Ethnic Canadians need not have a minimum time or number of generations in Canada.

Ethnic Canadians do not share the same culture or food.

Ethnic Canadians do not share the same politics. Not at all, as this blog will show, we do not agree when it comes to basic politics or foundational issues such as Canada’s racial laws, polices and practices.

Ethnic Canadians do share a geography, a Confederation, a limited common set of interests, a belief in the individual to determine their own culture and national allegiance.

An Ethnic Canadian has only one real homeland, CANADA. That in my mind is the largest difference between Canadian and Ethnically Canadian.

Canadians are extremely diverse, from many continents and countries dating back thousands of years but Ethnic Canadians are only Canadian.

Ethnic Canadians do not hyphenate their national or cultural identity because they are only Canadian. Their family history may come from different backgrounds, speak different languages, eat different food but they are Canadian above all that and more.

For those that just have to know, my parents and their parents (and so on dating back over 400yrs) are Canadian.

My mother was one of those Canadians who stood up to the Federal government and faced jail for saying that we were Canadian and only Canadian.

When armed police showed up in full battle gear to arrest my mother for saying on a census form that she was Canadian  I wanted her to just do as they say. Was being Canadian really worth going to jail for?

My Mom took her census form the census taker and proceeded to check off every ethnic option listed. I thought my Mom was going to jail or at least be charged for failing to fill out the census form properly.

I have no doubt that would have been the case in other communities but that day the armed RCMP officers (federal agents) standing in her kitchen wanted nothing to do with such an arrest and suggested to the census taker that my Mom had complied.

The federal government census taker had no police support, the form was filled out and it ended there but I never forgot.

I didn’t understand why it was so important for my mother to be Canadian, but I am older now.

Now I understand.

I am Ethnically Canadian.