Does Trudeau really hate Western Canada?

Does Trudeau really hate Western Canada?

  • Trudeau expressing what most Elites believe.

The above video shows that he does have disdain for most of Canada outside of Southern Quebec and Southern Ontario.

And he isn’t alone.

Most Canadians agree with Trudeau even if they do not agree that Quebecers are better or superior. After all, Canadians did and regularly do vote Liberal.

If you are at all surprised at Trudeau’s statements in the video here is some historical information you may not have heard in school or the Canadian controlled media.

Canada is not the large 10 million sq/kms (9 million if you challenge our claim to the Arctic) it appears on maps.

Canada is effectively just a small area in Southern Quebec and Ontario.

Before Canada of today, before Confederation, Canada was one province, one British Colony called Canada. That is the real Canada.

During the negotiations for Confederation some other North American British Colonies were invited to join Canada. Those in Western North America were not invited.

Part of the reason for not inviting other British colonies was ownership of most of what you see on a map of Canada today. HBC held the charter and “owned” the West, North and most of Quebec and Ontario as you see them today. Canada wanted and got their colonies.

Many Fathers of Confederation questioned the intent of Canada the province. The other British colonies were well aware of the Canadian attitude. This is well recorded through not taught.

The Montreal Gazette made their wishes clear when they called for a “strong Central power, from which all authority in the state is derived, and in the name of which all function of government are exercised.”

From day one of Confederation Canada the province, has believed they are entitled to rule and profit from Confederation more so than all others. History shows that to be the case from the taking of Rupert’s Land by force to the tens of billions of dollars Quebec collects every year from other poorer members of Confederation.

The people of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick knew this in the 1800’s and voted against Confederation when given the chance.

If you are in New Brunswick or other Atlantic provinces this entitled Canadian attitude is easily seen in the creation of the St Lawrence Seaway. That project was by design meant to undermine the economies of Atlantic Canada, particular those based on shipping goods in and out of North America.

If you are in Western Canada the entitled attitude expressed by Trudeau was first seen when Canada bought the West and the North and all the people living there. Canada bought people and demanded follow Canada’s rules and pay Canadian taxes without effective Canadian representation.

When those in Ruperts Land tried to claim rights as Citizens of the British Empire Canada responded with guns, bayonets and short ropes for long falls.

Even today Canada is not pleased that Western Canada resisted colonisation and continues to be very punitive.

Western Canadians are still being made to pay more and get less from Confederation than any other member. To add insult Canada continues to vilify and denigrate Western Canadians to justify the different treatment and payments.

This entitled attitude is part of the reason that Canada has reserved most government jobs and all key positions of power for those that speak French. Outside of the little area what was the province of Canada the vast majority of Canadians in other provinces, (+90%) do not speak French and as a result are excluded from holding any real power in Canada.

Trudeau’s views and opinions on Western Canadians should not come as a surprise.

Only those unaware of Canada’s history and treatment of Western Canada would be surprised by Trudeau’s comments. Thanks to Canada’s revisionary history being taught by the CBC and schools across the land that includes most Canadians.

If you want to change that I welcome you to share this site but be warned. In doing so you will upset those who believe the Canadian history taught by the CBC and the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

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